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Biked to the library to drop off a couple of things and pick up some holds. While I was there, I saw that their changing "theme" display was geared almost specifically to me, as it was all about job searching, cover letters, resumes, interviews, and the like. Unable to ignore a sign like that, I picked up a few likely looking titles to take home.

Stopped in at the grocery store while I was over there for more sale priced asparagus and some sourdough bread (this time I will try not to injure myself with it) and found a penny. (Find a penny, pick it up, all day long, you'll have good luck.) I had a small cup of coffee while I was there. I'm trying to develop a taste for the stuff, and drinking a cup of coffee while I shop makes it easier to behave and not go nuts with impulse buys (as the 7-year-old girl in my head reminds me that I am a grown-up and can buy all the candy I want). I must admit, the folks at Pierce's make a good cup of coffee.

On the bike ride, it both looked and felt like impending rain--clouds in the sky and a heavy feeling in the air. It felt pretty cool, actually, and the scent in the air was amazing. It was as though you could smell every single flower, even from the middle of the street.

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