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I am easily distracted by shinies. As much I as love to be doing, I have always been the type to get sucked into a book for hours and hours, letting the rest of the world pass me by until it was done. The advent of the internet has simply expanded the amount of readable material I have access to at any given time.

I've also been a big fan of comics since way back when. It is one of the things that my little brother and I can bond over. I may not buy many comic books (usually I just read his or get them as trade paperbacks from the library) and I may not keep up with everything that happens in the DC or Marvel universe, but it has always been a conversational touchstone for the two of us--something we can share. (Someday, I'd like to get the two of us out to San Diego for ComicCon.)

Webcomics has recently surpassed weblogs as the most bookmarked sites on my browser. Generally, I find a new comic, obsessively read the entire archives until I am up to date, and then add it to the daily reading queue. Some update more often and more regularly than others, but I generally know what days to check which comics.

(My bookmarked comics actually began with several "newspaper" comics.)

For Better or For Worse I wish I could stop reading this. I hate it. I don't know why I read it. I blame Josh. (At least I managed to finally stop reading Funky Winkerbean. Thank god!.)

Frazz There are some things about this strip that don't make much sense, but it still charms and amuses me.

Get Fuzzy I <heart> Satchel.

Luann I really don't know why I read this.

Pearls Before Swine I <heart> Pig.

Rose is Rose Yet another where I'm not entirely sure why I read it so devotedly. I really don't.

Dog Eat Doug Consistently both funny and cute.

Sinfest Alternately edgy and poignant.

Planet Karen Karen doesn't update as often as she used to, but given that this is basically her diary and that she has a lot on her plate, it is really understandable that she doesn't. This is one of the many comics where the art have really evolved a great deal since the start.

Wapsi Square This one has evolved hugely both in visual and story style. I have a definite fondness for the earlier strips, though I don't begrudge Paul Taylor those changes. After all, he has been telling this story since 2001. What have *I* been doing consistently for that long?

Questionable Content I'm not sure whether I am sad or relieved that we don't really have AnthroPCs.

You'll Have That A cute little comic, though not one of my favorites.

Shortpacked Damn you Willis! Shortpacked spawned from and shares a basic universe with It's Walky!/Joyce and Walky which themselved spawned from Roomies. I actually have read the entire run, from the very first Roomies strips (1997), which are actually kind of bad. As painful as the early strips are, the continuity proved important for later strips. Sadly, after It's Walky! finished, the bulk of Joye and Walky went subscription only, so I'm really behind on the story.

xkcd I don't always get the joke 100%, but it still manages to be funny. I particularly enjoy the mouseover comments.

Octopus Pie One of the main characters broke her tailbone once. This amazed me, since none of them seem to actually have butts.

Something Positive I also like all of Randy's side project comics, when he updates them. I have a feeling I never will find out what happens next in New Gold Dreams.

Punch and Pie (I always hear this title in a Cartman voice.) I started reading this comic after I reached the end of Queen of Wands

Gunnerkrigg Court Mysteries within mysteries.

Girl Genius Every now and then I have to review the archives or the cast list to remember who someone is or what is going on.

Dork Tower I <heart> Gilly the Perky Goth.

Minus I often have no idea what is going on, but I still love this odd little comic.

Dresden Codak This updates with a frustrating randomness, but I check it faithfully, just in case.

Rich's ComixBlog I follow this for the Ten Doctors story, which amuses me greatly.

Three Panel Soul Also a bit random with the updates.

La Muse I am still trying to decide exactly what I think of this comic.

Nothing Better This is a charming little story.

Zombie Hunters Very cool art.

StripTease I came to this one by way of Punch and Pie.

Roza I just added this one to the pile today. I like it so far.

It seems like every webcomic I read leads me to one or two new ones. Someday I will I have to stop. But at least they don't take up space on my bookshelf.

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