Feb. 10th, 2008

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I really need to start reading tarot more often. When I do, I usually find it interesting but I know that if I don't practice more regularly the meanings of the card won't come easily. (Shock! Surprise! Practice is needed to gain skill? No!) I'm also much better at reading my own than for other people, which is no big surprise. When I'm reading for myself, I know which meanings resonate. Go figure.

Just now my personal three card spread: Magician, Knight of Cups, King of Cups reversed. The meaning I pulled from that is probably different that the meaning I might have gleaned if I'd set down those cards for someone else, and again different from what someone else might tell me if they were reading for me.
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I'm getting bored rather a lot lately. I'm also rather broke, so I enjoy the "low-budge". Two items that I would like to add to my weekly rotation both involve free music.

On Wednesday, around 7:30, there is a celtic music session at Brocach. If you've never heard of a session, it is a bunch of folks gathered around playing Irish Traditional Music (ITM) in a rather spontaneous fashion. This particular session involves a bunch of advanced players, so the tunes are smokin'.

Thursdays, from 6-8, the Cork n' Bottle String Band plays at the Rathskellar (and ten at the Terrace once the warm days return). CBSB is a rollicking and fun group of guys playing bluegrass. Don't think you like bluegrass? You may want to give it a try anyway.

I may not get to these every week, but I'm going to try. Both spots are very convenient to my bus route, so perfect for me while I'm still sans-auto. I welcome company if anyone else gets a yen for some weeknight musical entertainment.

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