Feb. 18th, 2008

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How is it that I have never heard of these before? They are so very true, and I think they have been the #1 cause of social strife amongst my social circle for as long as I have known them.

To get a better idea of what they are follow the link in the previous paragraph, but here is a very rough summary:

1. Ostracizers Are Evil: People who shun others are bad, so you must tolerate even the worst boors in order to avoid excluding anyone. Ever.

2. Friends Accept Me As I Am: Friends are not allowed to criticize friends, even for the most constructive of reasons. Judgment equals betrayal and you must be supportive no matter what.

3. Friendship Before All: Friendship must come before everything else, including family, work, romance, and your own mental health. And woe be unto you if two of your friends have a conflict, because you are disloyal no matter what you do.

4. Friendship Is Transitive: All of your friends must be friends with all of your other friends.

5. Friends Do Everything Together: Every friend must be included in every activity. This kind of relates back to #1, but basically, think about the giant restaurant tables were everyone has to sit together at one table, even though the people on one end will really have no interaction with the people at the other end, because it might cause hurt feelings to break into smaller groups

I was pretty much nodding in agreement and recognition for the entire article. It is all stuff I see on a regular basis, and the root of most of the fights and dramas. I consider this to be a must read for many of the folks I know.

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