Feb. 22nd, 2008

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However, this week's Isthmus and Onion were treasure troves of cool stuff. I'm the sort of person who likes having a plan and something to do. Sometimes the plan is to not do anything, but generally I like to be able to look at my little calendar and think, "Ok, I'll be doing this tonight, that tomorrow, and the other thing the day after." (This doesn't mean I don't like to be spontaneous from time to time, but having a plan gives me something to look forward to. I can think about my plan and feel giddy with anticipation.) Because of this, I tend to take notice of upcoming events and activities, particularly those that are unique, interesting, and inexpensive.

Now, I have no problem going out and doing a lot of things on my own when there is no one else available for or interested in going with. Why should I miss out on something fun for myself due to a lack of interest or availability from others? At the same time, it is most excellent to bring folks along on adventures, partly so you have someone to discuss them with later. (And, for adventures that involve interacting with People I Don't Know, they also provide excellent moral support.) But I don't like putting people on the spot when I can avoid it, nor do I want to be constantly bugging the same people over and over to go do things. Because I know that people have lives and busy schedules. Just because I am free and up for something doesn't mean anyone else is. So I often just make general announcements of the activities and details, in case someone is both interested and available. If they aren't, a general announcement is much easier to ignore. Different folk take me up on different activities. And if no one responds, I generally am content to go adventuring on my own. Just because...why be bored?

So, if any of CDJ's ideas strike your fancy, awesome. Otherwise, just ignore it as general background noise--I won't be offended.
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I've had a lot of them. Some good, some possibly quite bad. One idea that struck me was that I should run a tabletop game. Yeah. I don't know what kind or with whom or when...but the idea has been niggling at me all night. I'm pretty sure that this could possibly be the worst idea I've had in a while. I must ponder this.

Also, I think I'd better go to sleep soon.
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The Majestic has a really good line-up of shows for the next few months, including Jonathan Coulton on May 2. Who's in for that one?

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