Feb. 23rd, 2008

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Or tires, more accurately. I really hate asking people for rides. I suppose I've given many in my day so karmically it works out, but I feel like I'm being "that guy" if I keep asking people to cart me around, especially since it is out of the way for most of the folks I know.

It wouldn't be nearly as bad if it were weather that was more bike-friendly, or more amenable for a 15 minute walk to or from the transfer point. This is not without a small upside, though...I'm spending less money than I would otherwise.
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I cannot invite myself places, nor can I go anywhere that I don't feel I have been specifically invited. (I'm not talking about public places or events. Neither do I need an engraved invite.) I can't even take people up on standing invites ("Stop by anytime") without feeling incredibly woggly about it. I don't like to impose, and I never want to be in a position where the host is looking at me and thinking, "What the hell is *she* doing here?"

I'm trying to decide if this is good, bad, or neutral. If it is good or neutral, I shall keep on doing what I'm doing. If it is bad, I'd like to change it. I'm leaning towards the idea that this is a neutral to good thing.

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