Feb. 26th, 2008

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I caught some kind of virus last week, starting around late Thursday. It wasn't as bad as some have been, but it left me feeling run down and shagged out all weekend. My muscles and joints hurt like hell, I kept getting headaches, and I needed to down hot herbal tea on an almost constant basis. Oh, and every hour or so I would suddenly realize I was STARVING, no matter what I had eaten earlier. Bit of a stuffy head/runny nose, too, but it could have been much worse.

This was mad extra fun by the fact that the sprog, who was here till Monday morning, was sick as well. Streaming snot and unwilling or unable to go to or stay asleep. Lot of screaming. Granted, I could totally relate to how he felt. He was also extra cuddly. Normally he just uses people as something to climb on to get a better view, but this weekend he was all about the snuggling, which was adorable but did I mention that he had rivers of snt running from his nose?

Yesterday was the first that I didn't have to co-supervise the wee one, so I spent a large part of the day alternately napping on the couch and drinking gallons of tea. I did this until quite late, as I discovered that whether I was in bed or on the couch I'd be waking up at regular intervals to be thirsty so the couch was more convenient and I could more easily play with my computer in the meantime (the nice warm laptop actually helped me to fall back asleep many times).

Around 2 or so, I finished the article I was reading at the same time as my most recent pot of tea and the wireless decided to way the "disconnect/reconnect" game. The sound of Yahoo Messenger popping on and off line repeatedly got old fast, so I took it as a sign from the universe to go to bed. I actually got a fairly solid sleep, only waking twice, and had some funky cool dreams in the meantime.

As of now I don't feel 100% and I will still take it easy a bit more today (probably going to take a pass on both Gomeroke and Pat McCurdy) but I think I will be back into the swing of things by tomorrow. Yay!
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A waste indeed. A cry for help gone horribly wrong. Don't fuck around with acetaminophen/paracetamol (the stuff in Tynenol). Of course, this kind of thing can also happen accidentally as people accidentally overdose either through taking a bunch of acetaminophen for persistant pain (especially with alcohol...it it *not* your hangover remedy, ok?) or by mixing it with other OTC meds that all contain the same ingredient.

What have we learned about mixing medications, kids? Whether prescription or OTC, any medication needs to be used with care. Read the directions, read the active ingredients, follow the dosage instructions, be aware of interactions, and talk with a doctor or pharmacist about what can and what should not be used together. Even things that won't kill you or make you "sick" may not go well together. For example did you know that some drugs and herbal supplements can interfere with how well hormonal contraceptives work?

Be aware of what you are taking when it comes to medications.
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Having my sister and nephew staying here has shown me that it can be done, albeit with a few changes to the space. (I'd need to put some stuff in storage and/or get studio space elsewhere.) With my current job situation, it really makes sense. Paying all the rent and utilities on an unemployment check is tight and I can't be sure I will land a job that pays what my old one did.

The tricky part is getting the actual roommate. Sharing living space can be a delicate operation, and you *know* how good I am with people. Good roommates aren't just conjured out of thin air, and my only experience with getting a stranger for a roommate was particularly negative.
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This Friday is Leap Day. The one extra day we get every four years. (Granted, it is an extra day of February, but it is still an extra day.) And while Leap Day only comes every four years, a Leap Day on a Friday is a rarer thing yet. So it feels like there should be some kind of a do. Maybe not a big do, maybe just a small one. I was going to host one, but my place will still be full of toddler and assorted stuff.

I guess mostly I'm just looking for an excuse to see people and have a bit of fun. Anyone up for doing something?

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