Mar. 17th, 2008

kayjayoh: (Ida)
Today I slipped on my front stairs, while carrying a basket of laundry. Fortunately, dropping the laundry basket may have helped with my balance, because instead of going down ass over tea kettle and really hurting myself, I just dropped straight down onto the next step and landed sitting. I had an adrenaline spike like nothing else, and there were clothes everywhere, I but was in one piece. Huzzah for the guardian angels of the klutzy.

Granted, my loathesome upstairs neighbor was right there, and said not a damn thing. Not even an, "Are you ok?" Turd.

I didn't get off entirely scott free. My hips and lower back have been protesting all day and I'm fairly certain I've got a bit of a bruise where I landed, but it could have been so much worse, I count myself blessed.

So what do I do next? 45 minutes of walking to and from the library and to the bus transfer point. Indeed. And just to test my luck, I went to go play DDR for the first time. I kept getting confused as far as front and back and left and right in a serious way. However, I went slow (kind of had to) and tried to keep one foot firmly planted, so I was able to avoid tripping on my own feet and flying off the side.

I wish I were more coordinated. I think part of it has to do with mindfulness. The running into walls, table corners and doors, falling down stairs, and tripping over my own feet probably has to do with me not paying any attention to my body and where it is in relation to anything else in the world. I know that when I am paying attention, I have pretty good balance...the walk for miles balanced on a railway rail sort of thing. I can ice skate fairly well without falling, so why can't I walk without doing so?

Choreography has always been my Waterloo, even when I am paying attention. I would love to dance--ballroom, swing, contra--but I can pretty much just do the spastic muppet dance. I understand the box step and can do it on my own, but give me a waltz partner and I'm all over the place. The times I've gone swing dancing everything is peachy so long as we don't go outside of the most basic step pattern. The one time I tried to contra dance I got lost every time we had to allemande left. Hopeless. There is a reason the only time I was ever cast in a musical it was as Frau Schmidt in The Sound of Music--just about the only person in the show who neither sings nor dances. High school or community theater chorus steps are beyond me.

I'd say I have two left feet, except that I'm certain that from time to time, a third one magically appears between them, just to throw me off. I want to be coordinated. I want to be able to go swing or ballroom dancing and have fun with it. I want to be able to walk through my apartment, down the stairs and to the sidewalk without running into something, falling down something, or twisting my ankle from stepping out of my shoe. I want to have shins that aren't covered in bruises from barking them on coffee tables.


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