Mar. 25th, 2008

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Today has been a decent day. A dreadful thing I was dreading turned out to only be a little bit dreadful. I applied for several jobs, one of which would be awesome. I got my bike out again and did some riding in the sunshine (might even have gotten myself tired enough to fall asleep at a reasonable hour tonight). I have a lovely vase full of flowers brightening my living room, so I can stop and smell the roses. I found a quarter on the ground (last night I found a dime). And soon I shall make sloppy joes. Yum!
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I really do. I've hardly touched it. For instance, I need to go roller skating again. Maybe some laser tag. A haircut. BTW, does anyone want my golf coupons? I know I won't be using those.
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In keeping with today's lovely weather (yay spring!) and my current good mood, here is a list of 50 things that I want to do in the spring/summer/early fall. Many of them are cheap or free and most of them may be considered invites to say "Hey Katherine, wanna go...?":

1. Lots and lots of bike riding.
2. Extensive outdoor photography, possibly wrangling my friends into posing.
3. Canoing.
4. Camping.
5. Mallards games.
6. Madison 56er's games.
7. Kite flying.
8. Swimming. Outdoor swimming. Possibly even swimming in bodies of water other than a swimming pool.
9. Cookouts.
10. Concerts on the Square.
11. Dane Dances.
12. Farmer's Markets.
13. Eat cotton candy--once.
14. American Player's Theater.
15. Noah's Ark (I've got a Bucky Book coupon y'all!)
16. Rhythm and Booms (possibly in combination with a cookout and/or a Mallard's Game).
17. Fourth of July Fireworks at Maple Bluff Beach.
18. Cork n' Bottle String Band at the Terrace.
19. Pat McCurdy at the Terrace.
20. Heck, spending a lot of time at the Terrace in general.
21. Go to Washburn Observatory some Wednesday night to look at the sky.
22. MCSR pontoon boat around Monona and/or Mendota.
23. Bratfest.
24. Taste of Madison.
25. Opera in the Park.
26. Attend my friend's wedding in Nova Scotia (sadly, this one may be tricky).
27. Drive-in movies in Jefferson.
28. Ride midway rides and eat junk food at cheesy local festivals like Verona Hometown USA.
29. Eat fresh asparagus and squeaky cheese curds.
30. Drink lots and lots of lemonade and ice tea.
31. Attend an outdoor political rally for someone I respect.
32. Pick wild black raspberries.
33. Pick and cook some green cattails (this one is definitely an early spring activity).
34. Play frisbee.
35. Climb the fire tower in Mountain.
36. Eat corn on the cob, possibly at the Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival.
37. Eat watermelon and spit the seeds in the yard.
38. Help teach my nephew how to swim.
39. Light off some firecrackers and sparklers (also, I want to find some punks this year).
40. Wander around the downtown in the sunshine: Capital, State St., campus.
41. Enjoy the view from the Capital lookout.
42. Go for long walks in my neighborhood late at night.
43. Watch movies at the Terrace.
44. Eat popsicles and ice cream while sitting enough so they don't melt.
45. Catch and release fireflies.
46. Lie outside in the country and watch the stars, possibly during a meteor shower.
47. Visit Olbrich Gardens often.
48. Nurse my cayenne plant back to health.
49. Spend as much time outside as possible.
50. Watch some really good thunderstorms (preferably from a decent vantage point).

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