May. 2nd, 2008

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It occurred to me that if I am going to go to the Willy St. session on Sunday and bring my whistle with me this time, it might be a good idea to, you know, actually practice some of my tunes. Sadly, it seems that "Off to California" is still the only one I can do without looking at the music (though I'm getting there with "Tobin's Favorite").

The oddity of this is that A. ITM really should be learned by ear and B. I do best on the whistle with songs I've picked out by ear. However, note that I said songs, not tunes. The majority of my tin whistle repertoire is made up of songs (hymns, folk songs, Badger songs) that I play while thinking the words. The words help me keep track of the music. ITM tunes are deceptively simple and very complex, with all the repeats and slight variations from line to line. Keeping track of which variation you are on at any given time can be tricky. Well, for me, at least. ("Is this the one where it goes up or is it the one where it goes down or the one with the little twiddle?")

Regardless, I'm not bringing my music with me on Sunday, so I'll have to get by. I'm hoping that, eventually my tendency to nervously fumble the fingerings when anyone else is around to hear me will get worn away by playing in a group large enough that I might go unnoticed. Maybe.
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