Jun. 3rd, 2008

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The rain started shortly after the gates opened at 5:30, and continued on and off until the game ended, a little after 10 (and was still going when I got home, about 20 minute later). Despite the weather, there were plenty of people in the park. Maybe they were just there for the free Bucky Book, but a good bit of the crowd stayed in the stands for bulk of the game.

I got an excellent seat in the reserved bleachers, just on the first base side of home plate. I was it the first row of those seats, with plenty of legroom and a good view. It was also under the grandstand roof, far enough forward that I didn't get rained on from any direction. The more expensive box seats ahead of me were all pretty wet. Between the roof and the poncho I brought with, I stayed dry the entire night.

I had wondered if the game would be called on account of the rain, but there was no lightening and the rain wasn't the hard, driving sort. It was the wettest baseball game I have ever seen. I don't know how much the rain influenced the play, but the in the end the Mallards trounced the Mankato Moondogs 11-5.

A few observations I made during the evening:

They have a sandwich called "the Glazer", which is a bacon cheeseburger between two glazed donuts, rather than a bun. Um... I think I will pass on that, thanks.

I really wish that ballgames would go back to having someone "lead the singing" of the National Anthem, rather than "perform" it. Come on, folks, you can sing it! I know you can. Doesn't matter if the high notes are a bit much, you're singing with several thousand other people--no one is going to notice. Ditto if you are shaky on the words, but really, it's only one verse and didn't we all memorize this in grade school?

When it comes to the uniforms, I think I am really a bit of a traditionalist, in that I love the look of the knickers/long socks combination. The long pants on players looks so sloppy in comparison. I see a player in the traditional uniform, and I think they look like a *real* player. Only four of the Moondogs and one of the Mallards wore this style, as far as I could see. Sadness.

In other news, I shall also be seeing some soccer soon, too. Hurray!
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I went out tonight to catch the weekly Pat McCurdy show at the Regent Street Rereat, and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner while I was there. What came was a nice looking sandwich, but when I bit into it, I discovered that the "cheese" was actually some Velveeta-like substance. Disgusting. I know some folks like to use it because of how nicely it melts, but I'll tell you something--there are a lot of things that melt nicely, but it doesn't mean you should eat them.

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