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My little red wagon is a sad little thing. It is made entirely of plastic, extruded in some factory in China, purchased for $20 at the Family Dollar and hastily assembled right in the store. Even the wheels are made of plastic--hollow plastic at that. It can hold *maybe* 30 pounds and I'm waiting for the day when it falls apart on a grocery run. I definitely wouldn't try to carry Sol in it. Someday, I want to get myself a Radio Flyer. Those babies are so sweet. Sadly, they are also kind of expensive. So, in the interim, I will continue to pull my current, haphazard wagon until it falls apart.

This afternoon I pulled my rickety wagon down to the grocery store, where, as usual, I met with Epic Fail when trying to buy vegetables. Well, maybe not epic...I did buy a red bell pepper, an avocado, and some mushrooms, but it took me 20 minutes of staring at things to get to that. The bell pepper is for the potstickers Uncle Alton is showing me how to make (via YouTube). The avocado was on special and I know they are tasty and what to do with them, and while mushrooms are delicious, I can hardly count them in my "eat more green vegetables" quota. I don't have anything against veggies, and when they are served to me I will eat them. Heck, I even default to veggie pizza and subs half the time when I'm ordering out. But I don't buy them. This really needs to change somehow.

On the way home I picked myself a big bunch of dandelions. Such a maligned flower, but I love it so. I turned my nose yellow sniffing them, though I avoided getting the brown stains on my hands that marked my childhood. I brought them home and put them in a vase, though the proper method of display would have been a mason jar. When I'm a grown-up and have a house, I want my lawn to be covered with dandelions. Dandelions, creeping jenny, and wood violets. My garden will be full of lilies of the valley and irises.

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