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Last night I went down to the Madison Concourse Hotel to help get things ready for WisCon, mostly putting stickers on things and separating tangled badge holders. I figured that it would be a good way to start meeting people, but also the discount for volunteer hours would be handy in my current unemployed state. It was pretty fun and only took about 2 hours.

I headed back down this evening for another couple hours of volunteering. We put name badges together and assembled registration packets. Again, I met some more interesting people. After the packet assembly was done, I (along with many of the others) trekked down the A Room of One's Own for a reception and readings by the two guest of honor: Timmi Duchamp and Maureen McHugh. I am not familiar with either of them, so it was a nice introduction.

Now I am going through the program book with an orange scented Mr. Sketch and highlighting the programs I want to attend. Sometimes it is a tough choice, I tell you. When I finish that, I want to decorate my name badge a bit.

At the moment, I am planning to bring my laptop with me every day, so I should be able to blog anything interesting as it happens. (More importantly, I will be able to make use of Google, IMDB, Wikipedia, and the Madison Public Library online catalogue to answer questions and look for books and movies I suddenly need to check out.) I also am bringing my camera, and will try to take some good pictures.

Update: Excellent! I just discovered that the con has vouchers available to the members for free cab rides...this will be great, since the bus does not run very late on the weekends. Now I don't have to try to bike home in the dark.
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I seem to have added another webcomic to my daily reading list: Girls With Slingshots.
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I was reading the article Ten Reasons Gen Xers Are Unhappy at Work and was reminded how much a do *not* feel like a part of Generation X.

Since Gen X is considered to be from 1965-1982, I am certainly in it by years. However, as a Bicentennial Baby, I am much younger than the bulk of the Gen X cohort. The John Hughes high school movies came out when I was in grade school. When I was in high school, the big Gen X movies (like Reality Bites) were dealing with the "what do we do now that we are out of college?" questions. I don't really relate to it the major Gen X stereotypes or icons the way someone 5-10 years older than me would.

At the same time, I'm not really Generation Y (1983-1997) either. I guess I fall somewhere them, if we were to make this a graph (X axis, Y axis...it works.)

Of course, most of the time I look at this and think, "My, what nice arbitrary marketing labels they have made for us." and feel pretty ok with *not* fitting neatly into a preset. Damn the man! Down with labels.
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I just noticed that there is a recap to the entirety of Doctor Who season 3. Like, there has been since October. I R SMRT.

But thanks, [livejournal.com profile] mostlikely2, it is excellent, as usual.

We can has season 4?

One teeny nitpick:

When the Doctor appears in the hospital, sparks flying, weird time loops abounding, he's only got one working heart. Which one do you think it is? Martha CPRs the Doctor's two hearts and revives him. She remembers to work both sides, god and man: she gets them both beating again, and he saves the world. His human heart is put not in Donna's hands -- whatever she thinks, this isn't a love story -- but into her care, for the remainder. She is the shepherd of his humanity; sometimes literally. Who better to take charge of one heart? A doctor that doctors Doctors. Who better, to heal a god, or an angel, or Albion? And tonight, Donna agrees to the Doctor's petulant offer of a reward trip, into the past; he lies right to her face and through his lovely teeth about how he prefers to travel "on [his] own," and when she asks if he ever had a brother, he says he doesn't. Not anymore.

You mean Martha, not Donna, right?


May. 19th, 2008 09:49 pm
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The fabric content tag of a velvet jacket I picked up at yesterday's clothing swap: "100% Velvet"

Um, yeah...thanks. That's about as useful as "100% cloth" in that it says nothing at all about what kind of fiber makes the cloth.

I'm already going through my closets pulling things out for the next clothing swap. I'm really determined to own less stuff, and that everything I own should be something beloved and/or useful to me. (Next time I need to remember to take along those imps of BPAL fragrances that don't quite work for me. I'm pretty sure someone will want them.)
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Somehow I manage to completely miss the fact that this coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I mean, I realized that WisCon continued through to Monday, but I never manged to connect it to the fact that Monday is going to be a holiday. Yikes.

I blame it on being unemployed...after all, what's a 3-day weekend when you've already got a 7-day weekend?
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Today I was walking down busy local street and I saw all sorts of adjective plural noun! Well, this shouldn't have surprised me given that it is season. Still, they were adverb verbing quite frequently. [Yes, I know that "verbing" is a gerund. Did you ever see "gerund" in a Madlibs book? I think not, so shut up.]

The weather was quite adjective and we were adjective so after a while we decided to verb. We found a noun that looked adverb adjective. Third person singular pronoun was adjective!


Ok, that's enough of that monkey business!
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I am easily distracted by shinies. As much I as love to be doing, I have always been the type to get sucked into a book for hours and hours, letting the rest of the world pass me by until it was done. The advent of the internet has simply expanded the amount of readable material I have access to at any given time.

I've also been a big fan of comics since way back when. It is one of the things that my little brother and I can bond over. I may not buy many comic books (usually I just read his or get them as trade paperbacks from the library) and I may not keep up with everything that happens in the DC or Marvel universe, but it has always been a conversational touchstone for the two of us--something we can share. (Someday, I'd like to get the two of us out to San Diego for ComicCon.)

Webcomics has recently surpassed weblogs as the most bookmarked sites on my browser. Generally, I find a new comic, obsessively read the entire archives until I am up to date, and then add it to the daily reading queue. Some update more often and more regularly than others, but I generally know what days to check which comics.

Here is my current reading list: )
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It really was. Just wanted to make a note of it.
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I wasn't originally planning on getting up early enough to go to the farmers market tomorrow, but I have this sudden longing for some Stella's Hot and Spicy Cheese Bread. Oh yeah. It will be mine.

Update (5/17/08 8:37 PM): No. Not so much with the waking up early after all.
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I've decided that I am going to work on liking more things. After all, the more things you like, the better your chances for enjoying the circumstances. In particular, there are some things that are acquired tastes that I never set out to acquire. Many of these are even things I like the idea of, though not the actual thing itself. Like coffee or martinis. Granted, I don't think that my life will be somehow bereft if I never do learn to appreciate these things, but why not at least give it a minor effort?

I'm already working on the coffee thing. Drinking a cup of it when I go grocery shopping helps. I don't add milk or sugar or anything to it, though I am still drinking one of the flavored coffees...like caramel or something. Wee steps. I think that, even if I develop a liking for the regular coffee-flavored coffee, I will never drink that much of it. Caffeine does treat me well in larger doses, and I have to be careful about my teeth.

I'm not quite sure about the liquor thing. I've been told that I'd like scotch/gin/vodka/etc if I were to try the really top shelf stuff. That may be true, but it's also a pretty expensive avenue to building a taste for something. When I'm out somewhere, it is generally easier and much more tempting to order something I already like (like the excellent old fashioned I had last night at, where else, the Old Fashioned--made the proper WI way with Brandy) than to try my chances with something involving one of the big three: whisky, gin, or vodka. I suppose I could always start asking to try sips of other people's drinks, but I don't know that I am charming enough to get away with that for long.

Other things on that list included spicier spices and Wagner.
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Time to stock up on charcoal.
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The house phone just rang, and given that anyone worth talking to calls my cellphone, I let the answering machine get it.

Now, my answering machine message is not one that leaves any doubt to the fact that it is an answering machine. Yet what message did I hear being left when it started recording?

"Miss Olson?...Miss Olson?..."

Er, no. Not Miss Olson. It is her robot butler. I would have thought that the standard "No one is available to take your call." yadda yadda would have made that apparent. I'm mildly curious as to who called, but that line gets mostly fundraising and/or GOTV calls, so I'm not *that* curious.
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I has a bukkit. Mah bukkit has ice cream. It has a flavor.

So, kids, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? (Or frozen yogurt, sherbet, gelato, or ever frozen yogurt, god help you.) Chocolate? Vanilla? Neopolitan? Bubblegum? The mysterious Blue Moon?
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Bus rider followed home, robbed

The Capital Times — 5/14/2008 12:02 pm

A robber claiming to have a gun followed a Metro bus passenger to her home Tuesday night, and when she told him her money was inside the home, followed her into the residence.

Madison police reported the incident took place Tuesday about 10:46 p.m. in the 400 block of North Segoe Road.

The 24-year-old victim left a Metro bus and started to walk home, while the suspect who was on the same bus followed her.

"The perpetrator first contacted the victim outside her home and demanded money," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain. "She indicated any money she might have would be inside, and he followed her into the residence where several roommates also live."

The roommates told the suspect they had no money, so he fled with a bag containing the bus rider's phone and iPod.

Nowhere near my neighborhood, fortunately. However, this is one reason that I stay very alert when I am walking home, especially at night.

My keys to safety:

1. Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention. More over, *look* like you are paying attention.
2. Walk with confidence. In college, I used to joke that I liked to walk as though *I* was the one to be wary of. The less you look and act like a victim, the less you are likely to be targetted.

Does this mean nothing can ever happen? Hells no, but I'd rather work on reducing my risk than spend my time worrying about the big "what if" hiding in the dark.

Also, if anyone ever were to tell me they had a gun or a knife, whether I saw it or not, I would give them my stuff no problem. I can always get new stuff, but replacement me's are hard to come by. At the same time, I will take the risk and scream bloody murder, struggle, run, etc before I would allow someone to come into my home, or go somewhere with them. Sure, maybe screaming or struggling will get me hurt or killed, but my odds are probably much better out in public than in my home, someone else's car, or other isolating place.

Last word on the subject: I really think everyone should read The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker. Read it, and then get another copy and give it to someone you love. The title sounds scary, but the contents are amazing.

From the site:

* Recognize the survival signals that warn us about risk from strangers
* Rely on their intuition
* Separate real from imagined danger
* Predict Dangerous Behavior
* Evaluate whether someone will use violence
* Move beyond denial so that their intuition works for them

Not only is it a valuable resource, but it is also a well written and engaging read.

Stay safe, kiddos.
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The WisCon 32 schedule is finally out. This looks like is is going to be a blast.
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Why is it all of a sudden so cold in here? I'd been reading some resume books, but now I've got the laptop out again just for the warmth.
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Biked to the library to drop off a couple of things and pick up some holds. While I was there, I saw that their changing "theme" display was geared almost specifically to me, as it was all about job searching, cover letters, resumes, interviews, and the like. Unable to ignore a sign like that, I picked up a few likely looking titles to take home.

Stopped in at the grocery store while I was over there for more sale priced asparagus and some sourdough bread (this time I will try not to injure myself with it) and found a penny. (Find a penny, pick it up, all day long, you'll have good luck.) I had a small cup of coffee while I was there. I'm trying to develop a taste for the stuff, and drinking a cup of coffee while I shop makes it easier to behave and not go nuts with impulse buys (as the 7-year-old girl in my head reminds me that I am a grown-up and can buy all the candy I want). I must admit, the folks at Pierce's make a good cup of coffee.

On the bike ride, it both looked and felt like impending rain--clouds in the sky and a heavy feeling in the air. It felt pretty cool, actually, and the scent in the air was amazing. It was as though you could smell every single flower, even from the middle of the street.
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My landlord is our mowing the lawn, which means that the dandelions and wood violets are going to take a hit. The wood violets were particularly awesome.
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