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kayjayoh ([personal profile] kayjayoh) wrote2008-05-27 09:33 am

The Plague

I seem to have woken up with a bit of WisCholera, however, it seems to be pretty mild. It probably helps that I haven't eaten much of anything since 6:30 PM yesterday. I'm glad I didn't get sick *at* the con, but I'm surprised that I am sick now, since all the "wash your hands, gloves and tongs with food" precautions were put into place on Sunday morning and norovirus generally take 12-36 hours to icubate. But, I guess that even with precautions, things can sometimes still get through. Ah well. I don't feel too bad and I don't have to do anything today.

Update: Ok, I guess it can take up to 48 hours to incubate. Also, from what I've read, I'm going to need to give my apartment a good cleaning with bleach, and avoid preparing food for people for a bit of a while.

It has been more than 24 hours since I've eaten anything more substantial that a few saltines, so some of my symptoms have lessened. However, I've also got the aches. I'm trying to decide whether to risk taking any ibuprofen. I don't *think* it will upset my stomach, but I don't know.

I really wish I had some ginger ale, preferably Reed's.