kayjayoh: (the meme thing)
kayjayoh ([personal profile] kayjayoh) wrote2008-06-05 07:21 pm

Heat and Humidity, How I've Missed You!

It is fairly cool in my building right now, and with the clouds in the sky, I'd just thought it was chilly out, too. However, when I went outside, it was like stepping into a shower room--delightful.

I'm sure that anyone living in the south has an entirely different view on heat and humidity, but I'm from Wisconsin, where we spend more than half the year in coats, and at least a good three months with nature actively trying to kill you the moment you step outside, both through the freezing air and the icy ground. In January, I dream of what it is like to be "too warm" and it has to be pretty extreme for me to complain of the heat.

Neither the heat nor the humidity today are extreme. (76 °F with 87% humidity) And when I was locking up my bike at the grocery store, the sun popped out for a moment or two. Bliss, I say.

In other news, I stopped at the library to pick up some holds, and now have the audiobook of Neverwhere: the author's preferred text. Excellent! Uncle Neil is going to read me a bedtime story! (Mildly tempted to wear my LARP character's belt of keys while listening.)

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