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kayjayoh ([personal profile] kayjayoh) wrote2008-05-03 12:16 am

In a really great mood tonight.

Ah, Gallery Night. It always fills me with a combination of inspiration and envy. Mostly inspiration. The envy is heavily tempered by the fact that I realize that the only reason I'm not a "working artist" is my own damn inertia. Definitely more inspiration than envy. It's hard not to be inspired by so much cool work.

I didn't get to do a long Gallery Night run. I only had an hour before I had to get back on the bus to get down the the Majestic, so I pretty much just visited the Winnebago Studios, since that is such a great collection of artists, with a quick trip across the street to Studio Paran to see the Glass Blowing.

At WS I ran into one of my two favorite Wisconsin artists. Angela Richardson was there with her 100 Days, 100 Photographs which was rocking. She gave me a good hint about where to get digital photos printed in town, which I had been wondering.

Eric Tadsen also had some great prints up, photos from the old Royster Clark and the Garver Feed Mill buildings. (A wee bit of envy at the lovely urban decay shots. God I love that stuff.) As usual, one of my favorite stops was in Leslee Nelson's studio. Her fibre art studio is always such a calm and charming space, and she always has a cool little project for her visitors to make. I already have two little "charm dolls" from previous gallery nights, and I've added this year's project to those.

I was only able to drop in at Studio Paran for a brief time before I had to go catch the bus, but the glass blowing demo was as neat as ever. I have yet to get tired of watching that.

The Jonathan Coulton show was fun. I hadn't been in the Majestic since they redid the space, and it really looks good. Excellent sound and sightlines, even way up in the balcony. Paul and Storm, the openers, were entertaining. Not one of those acts that has you checking your watch and wondering when the headliner will appear.

Coulton himself was a very engaging performer. I love it when musicians don't just come out on stage and play, but also talk to the audience--banter, tell stories, make jokes, whatever. He had a good stage presence. At the start he asked us if anyone might happen to have a power cord for a 12" Powerbook, and not quite surprisingly, someone did. She was sitting three seats down from me, too. He made use of her power cord for his laptop in the song "Mr. Fancy Pants.

All in all, it was a high quality Friday night.