Apr. 29th, 2008

kayjayoh: (Ida)
Having heard about it today, I really, really want to go down to Chicago and see Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere performed as "a circus underground. Chicago isn't that far away after all. (I say that having just come from there this morning, on my way back from the Boston: Between the Cracks LARP.) The Flickr set makes it look bloody amazing.

On the one hand the timing is great, having just come from the Boston LARP, and knowing that the Madison LARP is next month. Totally the right frame of mind. On the other hand, I really shouldn't be spending any money, and I keep coming across these amazing things that would break my heart to miss, but which cost money. (Yes, I know. The depth of this tragedy is astounding. Boo-hoo.)

I was also tempted to trek down to NYC the last time I was in Boston, in the fall, to catch Wolves in the Walls but it just didn't work out. At least this one is only one state away.

In another embarrassment of riches, this Friday night is the Jonathan Coulton concert I've been yaddling at you people about for ages and it is also Spring Gallery Night. I missed the fall Gallery Night because it was the same weekend as I was in Boston (see above) so I don't want to miss this. Fortunately, GN starts at 5, and the concert at 7 (which is to say, the opener starts at 7) so I should be able to do both. Huzzah!

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