May. 19th, 2008

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It really was. Just wanted to make a note of it.
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I am easily distracted by shinies. As much I as love to be doing, I have always been the type to get sucked into a book for hours and hours, letting the rest of the world pass me by until it was done. The advent of the internet has simply expanded the amount of readable material I have access to at any given time.

I've also been a big fan of comics since way back when. It is one of the things that my little brother and I can bond over. I may not buy many comic books (usually I just read his or get them as trade paperbacks from the library) and I may not keep up with everything that happens in the DC or Marvel universe, but it has always been a conversational touchstone for the two of us--something we can share. (Someday, I'd like to get the two of us out to San Diego for ComicCon.)

Webcomics has recently surpassed weblogs as the most bookmarked sites on my browser. Generally, I find a new comic, obsessively read the entire archives until I am up to date, and then add it to the daily reading queue. Some update more often and more regularly than others, but I generally know what days to check which comics.

Here is my current reading list: )
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Today I was walking down busy local street and I saw all sorts of adjective plural noun! Well, this shouldn't have surprised me given that it is season. Still, they were adverb verbing quite frequently. [Yes, I know that "verbing" is a gerund. Did you ever see "gerund" in a Madlibs book? I think not, so shut up.]

The weather was quite adjective and we were adjective so after a while we decided to verb. We found a noun that looked adverb adjective. Third person singular pronoun was adjective!


Ok, that's enough of that monkey business!
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Somehow I manage to completely miss the fact that this coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I mean, I realized that WisCon continued through to Monday, but I never manged to connect it to the fact that Monday is going to be a holiday. Yikes.

I blame it on being unemployed...after all, what's a 3-day weekend when you've already got a 7-day weekend?


May. 19th, 2008 09:49 pm
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The fabric content tag of a velvet jacket I picked up at yesterday's clothing swap: "100% Velvet"

Um, yeah...thanks. That's about as useful as "100% cloth" in that it says nothing at all about what kind of fiber makes the cloth.

I'm already going through my closets pulling things out for the next clothing swap. I'm really determined to own less stuff, and that everything I own should be something beloved and/or useful to me. (Next time I need to remember to take along those imps of BPAL fragrances that don't quite work for me. I'm pretty sure someone will want them.)
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I just noticed that there is a recap to the entirety of Doctor Who season 3. Like, there has been since October. I R SMRT.

But thanks, [ profile] mostlikely2, it is excellent, as usual.

We can has season 4?

One teeny nitpick:

When the Doctor appears in the hospital, sparks flying, weird time loops abounding, he's only got one working heart. Which one do you think it is? Martha CPRs the Doctor's two hearts and revives him. She remembers to work both sides, god and man: she gets them both beating again, and he saves the world. His human heart is put not in Donna's hands -- whatever she thinks, this isn't a love story -- but into her care, for the remainder. She is the shepherd of his humanity; sometimes literally. Who better to take charge of one heart? A doctor that doctors Doctors. Who better, to heal a god, or an angel, or Albion? And tonight, Donna agrees to the Doctor's petulant offer of a reward trip, into the past; he lies right to her face and through his lovely teeth about how he prefers to travel "on [his] own," and when she asks if he ever had a brother, he says he doesn't. Not anymore.

You mean Martha, not Donna, right?
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